Armin [email protected] Romane, Bucharest 28.06.2008 – IMAGINE

One of the most intense experiences of my life: Armin [email protected] Romane, Bucharest 28.06.2008 – IMAGINE Tour! The best music I’ve ever heard and the most passionate I’ve ever been about music, on a night in which the sky gates opened and released themselves. We did the same. A surreal musical experience, brought by the best dj in the world: Armin van Buuren.

We barely entered the arena, when it started raining. Or, should I say, pouring! It kept going for 3 whole hours! But that didn’t stop the music. We waited for Armin, soaking wet, dancing and feeling music run through our veins, rather than blood! I cannot explain how fantastic it was! It’s one thing to see actors dance in the rain in movies and videos, but it’s a completely different experience to feel it on your own. We were ecstatic!

Armin kept us waiting and we virtually climaxed when he made his grand appearance! The crowd was not scattered by the rain and Armin bowed before us, thanking us for our devotion. But how could we do otherwise, when he gave us such a great time! I loved Eller’s guitar! It’s so intense it made me shiver more than the rain! 😀

I could only stay for a couple of hours, because I had started to shiver and I was afraid I might get pneumonia. Armin mixed until 6:30 in the morning and didn’t let us down. We danced to stop the rain and, eventually, it stopped. The show went on and was wonderful! I can’t wait for the next time!



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  1. Doru Marian
    Jul 19, 2008 - 02:54 PM

    ah…Armin Only…best moment of my life…i think that even his loudness wont ever forget the guy that jumpt infront of him al night…the Pandora guy;)…In Trance We Trust…

  2. noah
    Jan 05, 2009 - 04:03 PM

    Eu zic ca ar trebui sa ma pui si pe mine ca eram cu cea mai mare umbrela de acolo…



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